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The New York Times/CBS News Poll on U.S. Race Relations

Public perceptions of race relations in America have grown substantially more negative in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

4 Things Every Millennial Mommy Should Do(apart from parenting) To Keep Her Sanity!

Think, for a moment, about the next-door mommy you know. I'll do the same. I'm picturing one of my mommy friends whose day starts with her being the morning monster mommy, morphing into the sweet ...

Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

In Baltimore and other cities we are all Freddie Grays, terrorized by the police When will the Civil War work end? The memory of those who have died continues to be desecrated.

Certain #Lizards #kill #Lyme disease causing #bacteria #Sceloporus_occidentalis ...For further reading, please see: 1) California Academy of Sciences. (2001). Lizards that Fight Lyme Disease. 2) California Herps. (n.d.). Distribution of Western Fence Lizard – Sceloporus occidentalis in California showing current subspecies. 3) Russell, Sabin (1998). Lizards Slow Lyme Disease in West / Ticks bite them — and leave with purified blood. San Francisco Chronicle. 4) Scalise, Kathleen. (1998)…

Preservation of Spiders Once collected, spiders can be identified from either live or preserved specimens. As a rule, identification of live spiders requires a significant amount of experience, so I encourage you to study preserved specimens first. If you want to study living specimens, be sure to research some information on how to design a habitat for your collection. To preserve your spider specimen, place it in a petri dish and add 75% alcohol, taking care to completely cover the spider…