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Ecole De Pole

Oh look it's me on someone's Pin! Nice quote they've put on it - hope everyone feels inspired and motivated then this morning!

Benefits of Pole Dance Fitness

Love love love pole fitness! So good for your body and your spine, also excellent at building upper body and core strength

No BUT GUYS!! Yuuri is so fucking talented. He can do ballet, break dance and fuckinG POLE DANCE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS?! And Yuuri and Chris look pretty good at it.... Damn

I love the diversity of our studio, and the support and encouragement from every student and teacher there is amazing! Pole dance can be for anyone and everyone :)

"Peeta Mellark's Cardboard Chronicles" Is Your New Favorite Tumblr

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA>>>this is hilarious, but is nobody acknowledging the fact somebody brought a cardboard Peeta to the park?! ~Bailey (Killjoy1719) <== Oh. Yeah.