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PETA Workers Caught on Cam Stealing Dog Later Killed

And it all comes out of every citizens' pocket. Whether you you're an omnivore or herbivore, your taxes pay towards this industry.

Indonesian cattle suspended by rope... Workers unload cattle by using ropes hanging around their necks in Surabaya, East Java. Common practice. These are sentient Beings that feel pain.

Heartbreaking Images of Dolphins in Drained Aquariums the Result of ‘Routine’ Practice, Says Ric O’Barry

Petition · Stop dogs being beaten and killed for their skin in China ·

Rabbits, chinchillas, foxes, dogs, cats just like those we share our homes with a life/violent death in China, a MAJOR FUR SUPPLIER SOLD EUROPE-WORLD PETA Help US STOP THIS. 100K+ rabbits, dogs, cats,confined,cramped, filthy cages in China awaiting a violent death. PETA Asia have doc workers who hung terrified animals by one leg and repeatedly hit them with metal pipe. killed neck-breaking, suffocate, poison/electric CHEAPEST leave animal's skin intact. OR= ALIVE skin ripped abused…

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this picture is that for me. I was a corporate girl through and through. Power suits and professional everything (mostttt of the time) in parliament then as I transitioned in to becoming a Business Development Manager in the private sector. And although I had a GREAT income amazing job awesome benefits good career climbing options ...I wasn't fulfilled. Why? Because I knew ultimately as a woman I would want to become a mother and have to step…

A family is suing PETA for nearly $10 million after workers for the nonprofit took a pet Chihuahua off their porch and euthanized it.

PPI Florida Monkey Farm Should Be Shut Down Immediately

Qatar Makes Immigrant Workers Suffer in Failed Big Marathon