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ELASTIC CARTILAGE. hairy/crayon texture. chondrocytes look bubbly. hairy fibers dense between cells

Human Tissue | Biology Pictures: Connective Tissue Cells in Human Body - 2

CONNECTIVE TISSUES - Examples are adipose (fat) tissue, cartilage (elastic, fibrous tissue attached to bones), bone, and blood.

Hyaline cartilage - connective

Elastic cartilage from a pinna (inner ear). Elastic cartilage, which maintains the shape of the pinna, contains fibers of the protein elastin

Elastic cartilage - connective

Hyaline Cartilage Connective Tissue; chondrocytes (chondr = cartilage) are found within lacunar (lacuna = space; singular = lacuna) has a firm but flexible ground substance that looks glassy and smooth

Elastic Cartilage- Maintains Shape- External Ear- Chondrocytes