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Irish it's not wat I am it's who I am T-shirt

If you are with Irish Roots then this Irish it's not wat I am it's who I am is for you! Check more cool Irish t-shirts. If you want different color, style or ha

Portrush Beach, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Vintage BR Irish Travel poster by Lance Cattermole

Silver Safety Cat

The Safety Cat is a self-defense, personal protection tool designed mainly for women. It is made out of very strong aircraft aluminum and unlike similar products made of plastic, provides more durabil

Scotland (Keep Calm) - Maxi Poster

Day dress

Closeup on day dress, c. 1904-08. If you don't see the pure awesomeness of this, allow me to explain: Every trim here is hand made. Someone, about a century ago, sat down, plotted this, bought the materials and built it, forming minute stitches one by one. The lace was knotted thread by thread. The embroidery stitch by stitch. each pintuck, folded and stitched down by hand. Yards and yards of work. This humbles me.

Bird from the Book of Kells. This looks like it could be a goose. The wild goose was the Celtic Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit.

Irish Draught Sport Horse or Irish Hunter. The registry is pushing the newer sport horse designation. The product of breeding an Irish Draught Horse stallion to a hotblood or warmblood mare - usually thoroughbred - or breeding two Irish Sport Horses. It is Ireland's premier elite international competition horse.