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This is EXACTLY the way Yellowstone was when I was a kid only we didn't let them poke their heads in our windows because we had our protective german shepherd in there with us. Good times! I wish you'd have seen it when it was like this.

Vintage 1950s Full Skirt Red Tartan Dress

Taking the plunge. Currently in search of a pattern similar to above. Need to make this dress in under 3 weeks!

Wise Words

Next to J.K. Rowling, she has to be my most favourite female idols, the sultry singing mistress herself, Miss Eartha Kitt, ~ "That's Miss Kitt to you" Talk about a woman with such a rich history, I would have loved to talk with her in person, but seeing her at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle was unforgettable! To me, she's the epitome of sexy, sassy and elegant all at the same time.

Wall's, Ice-Cream, UK, 1950s... was everywhere..seemed to have cornered the market pretty well back then.. Oh & look at the cornet & wafer 'cones' (for lack of a better word)... more ways to enjoy icecreammm