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This Is What Homes Are Going To Look Like In The Future. I Would Definitely Live Here If I Was Rich. [STORY]

from Urban Survival Site

12 Bad Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed

Think you'll be fine as long as your home is overflowing with supplies? Think again. There are still all sorts of mistakes that could get you killed.

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THIS is why you should have a Get Home Bag

17 Ways to Storm-Proof Your Home | Protect Your Home From Any Weather Disaster with these Effective Methods by Survival Life at


Hack-A-Lantern: Recycled Computer Power Supply Flashlight

Picture of Hack-A-Lantern: Recycled Computer Power Supply Flashlight

Is your home fortified and ready to defense off intruders and looters? There are many sound and affordable methods to turn your home (or a section of it) into a…

Wilderness Survival: Food Procurement - Fishing Devices