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always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

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Always believe something Wonderful is about to happen. Happy Friday // Weekend // Believe // Inspire // Motivation // Mornings // Wonderful // Gratitude

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Famous inspirational quote greeting card, featuring the Winston Churchill quote, "Never never never give up".



So very true. It's far more important to live a rich, rewarding life that's filled with uncompromising, unwavering, and  unquestionable love.  When I die, remember me by how big my heart was, how I enriched other lives, my zest for life, my dedication to my love/family/friends, etc.; not what car I drove, the value of my home or my financial accounts, the number of possessions I owned, etc.

If you're ever feeling down or uninspired, look to words of wisdom and positivity for renewed inspiration. Inspirational quotes always get to me. Words to live by, I say.

Work harder.

Today I am showcasing a post containing inspiring & beautiful typography quotes. Hopefully this post will turn out to be a source of inspiration

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kitten looks in mirror see's a lion, What MATTERS Most is How YOU SEE Yourself, Definitions of Confidence & Self Esteem - What's the Difference?

4 Mistakes to Avoid at the End of the Semester

4 Mistakes to Avoid at the End of the Semester

Yes only 2 school years left till college! Really wanna visit western university! Up for a challenge. All the studying these next 2 high school years will be worth it!

I love this. http://media-cache2.pinterest.com/upload/27443878949450073_UFTkH3aX_f.jpg sierrasummer25 quotes

I can read: pt 2

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”- Gerard Way