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ArtStation - TURTLE personel carrier, Vitaliy Vostokov

Modifide transport (Original info: UAC "Meganeura" Heavy Transport designed to get combat vehicles into the fight quickly. Used by the Eastern Republic.

The Last Days on Mars - Rover Concept Christian Pearce

Looks like the description of the rovers from 'The Martian' The Last Days on Mars - Rover Concept Christian Pearce

Robot hiper-realista

Robot hiper-realista

Sci Fi Ring World Children

brighter-suns: “ Ringworld Children by Stephan Martiniere. I just love Ringworlds/orbitals/rings ”

おぐち (it say "oguchi" which, sadly, I don't know what it means. It's been a few years since I took Japanese)

Eva Sparks refuses to quit, uses busted up automaton helmet and reprograms it to find Eva by programming it to return to its "home"

Robotics, Eduard Pronin on ArtStation at

Robotics leg - concept design for visual arts industry (by Eduard Pronin)

Le Manoosh -  great robot art/design

Future Warrior, Armor, Military, Robot, WAR : close up by olivier character char

NEO JAPAN 2202 by Johnsonting deviant art.

Neo Japan 2202 By Johnsonting Deviant Art Httpjohnsontingdeviantartcomartneo Japan 2202 Kikai Yohei


The leathers i would need to go for a ride on a sports bike these days Lol Could hide it under a Leather jacket and pants :)

409e2defe1470d4089fcd84d3f6887f6.jpg 231×1,232 pixels

This is a digitally rendered (in the style of watercolour) concept drawing of the UNSC Infinity from Halo The thing that I like about this piece is how the designer was able to use opacity and pressure to give a worn metal and metallic effect to the ship