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Beautiful Gems…

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Artist Creates Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks To Meditate

Working only with rocks, gravity, and patience, artist Michael Grab builds precarious towers and bridges that seem to defy gravity.

Throughout history, people built carins to mark the path during navigation and use them as directional markers. At a deeper level, carins often point the way

Gravity Glue is the work of artist Mike Grab. Supposedly the rocks are stacked using only gravity. Checkout the videos to see Mike in action and also his gallery of work over the last three years.

Absolutely Balancing Rocks . . .

you could assume this is just some rocks captured in mid-fall, like maybe just out of frame is a dump truck and the camera is seconds away from being buried; but, no, this is a stationary object and an example of the art form known as Rock Balancing.