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"THE BLUEBLOOD". Originally handsmithed in the Royal armouries, an inexhaustible ambergoen crystal for power, brass gears for clockwerk precision every firing, double buckled barrel for support, and triple fin radiator and four pressure gauges means no guesswork. "The Prince of Nowhere" had an exactness for executing the construction of this gun and in executing his enemies. So, call him a pirate or a hero or maybe a lost soul ...

EPBOT: Birth of a Ray Gun

Pirate 3 Pistol Baldric in Chocolate water Buffalo

Steampunk. Possibly my all time favorite steampunk weapon (besides my own lovely piece). The name alone nails it for me - the "Blunderbassoon"

With three barrels, 18 rounds, this thing has more ammo capacity than a Glock and shoots three rounds with every pull of the trigger. Edit: Looks like it shoots one round at a time, moving from the outer rounds inward. The double 1911 floating around the 'net a while back has nothing on this puppy. Though .45 ACP is going to beat the revolver's 6.35mm/.25 ACP in terms of...well, every way possible.

A nice tool...for the brush of course - Machetes, Swords, Knives, Tomahawks & Axes -

André Andersson Custom Damascus Knives - Knives, Daggers, Swords and Artknives from Sweden

Clockwork Canary ... complete with brass clockworks, gears and turn key.