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This is how giraffes sleep: I'm uncomfortable just looking


Funny pictures about How Baby Giraffes Sleep. Oh, and cool pics about How Baby Giraffes Sleep. Also, How Baby Giraffes Sleep photos.


Hey Dreamers and animals lovers! This post is for you to make your day happy and make you feel sweet and lovable. I prepare for you a gallery of 20 sweet and funny sleepy animals.


Adorable Zoo Animals You MUST See!

GIRAFFES ARE TOO CUTE! Cofi's name in Swahili means “born on Friday” (which she was) and her arrival at Tampa's Busch Gardens brings the park’s reticulated giraffe population to (Courtesy Busch Gardens) From: See the 35 Cutest Zoo Babies of


Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay welcomed a new baby female reticulated giraffe on Tuesday, December At 5 foot, 7 inches tall and weighing approximately 127 pounds! That’s a big baby!


Take a good look at these giraffe nap pics, because you won't often catch a giraffe sleeping. In fact, despite being the tallest animal, giraffes have the

Newborn Giraffe

Newborn Giraffe

The tallest baby in the world has just been born at Paignton Zoo in England: a Rothschild's Giraffe calf, standing at nearly six feet tall! The as yet unnamed and unsexed calf was born to mother Janica and father Yoda.

Giraffe lovies...  (pinned from dontcallmebetty.tumblr.com - lots of beautiful pix there... they need pinterest to organize them! LOL!!)

A Mother's Love by Annemarie Rulos - vd Berg.Looks like Gerty an her Mother in by book Gerty the Different Giraffe.

giraffes are just the coolest. they are super curious and love neck rubs!

Since tiny giraffes are all the rage thanks to those DirecTV ads, here are a bunch of real life mini-raffes. Giraffes are weird and beautiful creatures. Kind of lIke elongated goats.

Aww... Giraffes. When they're not kissing and a smooching, they're swishing their tails! <3

beautiful angle on this picture and it really brings how how gorgeous of an animal giraffes are!

I love giraffes!! (via observando)

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