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Secret agenda of breastfeeders via Bluemilk

Pie Chart showing the percentage of mother's breastfeeding in public who are trying to do things other than tend to their baby's basic needs.

Call this number if you have been harassed for nursing in public

Breastfeeding Harassment Hotline information. Please call if you are ever harassed for nursing in public.

Breastfeeding Myths @Leesa Bunn @Sheila Wolf- I got a kick out of these. :)

Breastfeeding Myths Sarwar Ahmed Bunn S. @ tasteduds Wolf- I got a kick out of these.

Tiffany Staples: Increasing Your Milk Supply - Foods

Tiffany Staples :: family, faith, fitness: Increasing Your Milk Supply - Foods

Hahaha! Breastfeeding--yes that!

Shocking History: Why Women of Color in the Were Banned From Wearing Their Hair in Public

Breastfeeding toddlers is okay and completely natural! Lets normalize it

Breast feeding- so many benefits after 1 yr of age! The World Health Organization recommends breast milk until the age of