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What’s Right With This Picture? Indy Roadster Se7en by Zolland Design | The Truth About Cars

Zolland Design AB, a Swedish graphic arts and design firm that also goes by the name Vizualtech, has rendered an Indy Roadster style body they call the IndySeven with the correct dimensions to fit on a Caterham or Lotus Seven chassis.

Seit Caterham in den frühen 1970er Jahren die Rechte und Teile für die Produktion des Lotus Seven erworben hat, sind zahlreiche Versionen des puristischen Roadsters entstanden - vom Einstiegsmodell 160 bis zum brachialen 620 R.

Since Caterham bought the rights and tooling to produce its own version of the Lotus Seven in the early it has created numerous versions of the back-to-basics roadster – from the entry-level 160 up to the outrageous 620 R.