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The first real love of my awko-taco teen years.

JtHM-IZ : He is an Alien! by Shinkiro-no-Kaze on DeviantArt

Walking Dead Comics are great reads

Les #cactus reviennent sur le devant de la scène ! #SalonCSF les adore : et vous envie d'un petit cactus #deco chez vous ? Belle semaine #cute #fimo #DIY by creationssavoirfaire

I Feel Sick #1 (I Feel Sick #1) by Jhonen Vasquez. The first full-color comic book written and drawn by the comic artist Jhonen Vasquez and colored by Rosearik Rikki Simons. It revolves around Devi d. from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (JTHM), and her dealings with the same supernatural and/or psychological forces that drove Johnny to lunacy.