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#Guns are a proper means of #selfdefense. yup that alarm stays on all the time now! it goes off and you are one dead motherfucking asshole from here on out!

A survivor of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany talks about gun control. Kate Worthman quote, "In the beginning, Adolf Hitler didn't look like or talk like a monster at all, he talked like an American politician."

You can run but you can't hide.

This world truly has no idea of the things that we, as true Christians, are up against in this spiritual battle. This is no playground, my friends. To be knowledgable is the best course

I want you to Blow the Whistle in defense of our Liberty. Truth is only treason in the Empire of Lies.

LBJ told the American public the USS Turner Joy was attacked. It never happened. Yeah they do it all the time! They NEVER tell US why they really are going to war. Really it's all to line the pockets of the Bauer bankers!

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