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Reasons for planned parenthood, or any pro choice clinic. (xpost tumblr) - Imgur

Not pro-life at all. If you were pro-life then you'd donate to children's charities instead of harassing vulnerable women accessing abortion clinics.

anti-choice and anti-life are hypocrites! i am proud to be pro-choice and pro-abortion !

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Dear "Pro-Lifers", Yelling at women as they come out of clinics does not make you a protector of fetuses or righteous, it makes you an asshole. GO AWAY. - This is so wrong, I have no words to express my horror of people like this...

This guy is fantastic, but it's a shame some people are not capable of respecting women enough to see that it is their choice.

Dr. Warren Hern is pictured at the Boulder Abortion Clinic in 2015.

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