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Supernatural gag reel "Sincere Espresso" season 12 episode 5 "The One You've Been Waiting For"

Jared's glorious hair, jensen's pose and misha's little run meanwhile mark looks like Crowley walking into hell like what's up bitches

brandnewgen: “Those guys know how to make an entrance! (at San Diego Convention Center) ”

In the last one he´s like. "Yup that`s my bae got a problem with that?"

Me: You can't catch me gay thoughts Gay Thoughts: Yes we can

I swear this "influence" moment from JIB7 is one of my all time favorite SPNCon moments. Jared and Misha together are absolute gold! Maybe something for https://Addgeeks.com ?

Lol these two men. My sister just said to go to Hunters of Hell (Supernatural Con in Spain) and I wanna cry

Cards against Humanity vs Supernatural cast

Such a good idea! Cards against Humanity vs Supernatural cast