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икона Богородицы « БОЯНСКАЯ »  (Бояновская)

Boyana icon of the Mother of God is in Chernivtsi Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Boyana convent in the village of Bojana Novoselitsk district.

Hello, sir! Have you accepted Jesus, the son of god, as your savior yet? Savior from what? From eternal damnation of course. Who damned me? God! He damned...all of us. By default. So he damns people and then his son goes around saving them? Yes, that is correct! That sounds like some rotten family business that I don't want to get involved in.

Reality of christianity

This sounds like some rotten family business I don't want to get involved in

The Eastern Woodland Hunters - Food / Hunting / Tools

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The Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum includes 27 carved Pictish stones in the village of Meigle, Scotland. Meigle Stone 2, shown here. Local folklore holds that the representation of Daniel in the lions' den depicts King Arthur's wife Guinevere, known locally as Vanora. Meigle 2 was originally located in the Meigle churchyard. The Picts were a Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Celtic people living in ancient eastern and northern Scotland.

The Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum includes 27 carved Pictish stones in the…

How to Become a Witch / Tools a Witch May Need!

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Lady Of Atlantis - Controversial Artifact Of Which True Origin Remains Obscure - MessageToEagle.com

La Dama de Elche (The Lady of Elche) an Iberian piece from the century B. on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid. Probably the finest Iberian sculpture found to date.