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Ok last one before i sleep - Cuz this blew me away - Another Cosplay - Tags #Anime #AnimeCosplay #Sebastian #sebastianmichaelis #BlackButler #Butler #Sugoi #Otaku #Manga

MY OWN SISTER unfollowed me cause I "blew up her newsfeed" with Tom Hiddleston...I'm just like I DO WHAT I WANT, MORTAL

Sebastian and Ciel laughing after the people they blew up are screaming and crying in agony

Smedley Butler quotes quotations and aphorisms from OpenQuotes #quotes #quotations #aphorisms #openquotes #citation

Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion is a great site to not only catch up on sports, but to do so in a much fresher way. Deadspin doesn't just only cover your basic scores and reports, but they offer interesting videos and articles. For example they recently covered an adult kickball game, you rarely see this on other sites.