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1996 in Georgia with my big sister Connie (R.I.P.) four years before she passed. I loved her so much. My best friend! My happiest times spent with at her country home.

I don't understand what is happening here. My female "friends" were more likely to giggle under their breath & exchange looks if I said I was ugly. That or try to convince my partner to leave me. I have no luck with females as friends. This causes me great troubles as a feminist.

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Good advice. Be the magic in things!

♥ Just today, I was sharing your story, and your photographs with a total stranger & we both broke down into tears, hugging one another over what an amazingly beautiful child you were, both inide and out. This happens often, thinking of you and talking about you...

"I may be on the side of the angels but don't think for one second that I am one of them." <--This cannot be more accurate. This quote gives me chills.

These remind me of a friend I used to work with....she is not a witch...but from Kansas

What bothers me about this post is the first paragraph is supposed to say " I am a man and men do not consume pink beverages. Now get thee gone woman and fetch me something brown."

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I miss the me I was before you left. I tend to "cocoon" myself away from others.Few people understand the pain in my heart and soul, unless their child has died too. I am a different person.

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Christina Hendricks: A Woman We Love

Don't tell me what to do, becuase if you don't appreciate who I am and don't accept it, well watch me go and make my point. If you find me an embarrasment, leave me be. I will take the hint one day and leave. You will see...