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Do it

I only reposted it because it was starting to freak me out

Lol I love doing these things, they are fun!

Lol I love doing these things, they are fun! >>>> i like this one cuz it doesn't give you bad luck if you don't repost



Despite Facebook warnings, there's little reason to believe drug-laced Gummy bears and Ecstasy will be found in kids' trick-or-treat bags this Halloween.

Please share, if this is true, we really do need prayer warriors to stand against the spirits of addiction and pharmakia and witchcraft in our neighborhoods. Have fun but use wisdom on Halloween!<<<THIS IS WHY I DON'T EAT GUMMY BEARS!

Who wouldn't repost❤️< Well think how depressing this would be for someone who's parent actually died of cancer. (Mine didn't thank goodness, but still.......)

My cousin died from cancer when she was 8 or I don't want thus to happen anymore there is actually no reason for it and it's just stupid.

I ain't taking chances.

This really does t scare me but seriously? This is pathetic that someone who made this is trying to scare people