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Del cuento " LA ABUELA HIPPY  HAPPY" Colectivo PIESDEBAILARINA.    Desing Adriana's

Del cuento " LA ABUELA HIPPY HAPPY" Colectivo PIESDEBAILARINA. Desing Adriana's

I'm putting this in my "inspirational" board because this cop is a shining example of how rape threats should be dealt with. All too often, men (even police) dismiss a woman's cry for help or justice and excuse the creep's behavior. So, yeah, these two men restored my faith a little. Thank you, to the outsiders who will step in to make sure others don't have to live a nightmare.

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I wish this didn't need to happen but I'm glad for the girl. Hopefully f*ckboy was scared straight!

49 Pounds Lost: If the grass looks greener on the other side, then start watering the grass you're standing on! Read her inspirational transformation story and meal prep tips. Motivational before and after fitness success stories from men and women who hi

yumeninja: “ What Is The 2 Week Diet? The 2 Week Diet is the diet program for safe, rapid weight loss. Based on a decade of scientific research, it promises pounds of body fat in just

"The truth is, in order to heal we need to tell our stories and have them witnessed. The story itself becomes a vessel that holds us up, that sustains, that allows us to order our jumbled experiences into meaning.  As I told my stories of fear, awakening, struggle, and transformation and had them received, heard, and validated by other women, I found healing.  I also needed to hear other women's stories in order to see and embrace my own. Sometimes another woman's story becomes a mirror…

"Where attention goes, energy flows." ★ As quoted from Eckhart Tolle's book entitled "Oneness With All Life:" -- "Be present as the watcher of your mind, of your thoughts and emotions, as well as your reactions in various situations.

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and-other-stories: “Rendez-vous & Other Stories A collaborative project between two confident and artistic women, the film has a strong narrative that playfully confronts the clichéd portrayal of.

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Aloe For And Other Stories - Lingerie And Loungewear Collection (Vogue.com UK)

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Claire Judge printed soft bra from & OTHER STORIES Made from light, semi-transparent fabric.

Kimono For Simple And Chic Style This Summer

Kimono For Simple And Chic Style This Summer

Kimono largo Mango, bolso, jeans & other stories, camiseta Bershka, zapatos Uterque