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In Nature things are broken with a purpose - clouds break to pour rains,rivers break to water fields,fields break to yield crops..so if ever you feel broken,understand that you must be part of a better and more beautiful purpose"  Debashis Dey

surrounded by water, with no escape. But then I remember that my roots drink the water that gives me life, and make me grow and be strong. That is beautiful.

They deserve a right to their lives

Hata Reka, at Tangata's approach, nudged the little baby deer." Tangata placed a hand on his mouth in surprise, "You've had a fawn." He says in awe.

Kitchen : Crafted by Birmingham artisan Gary Sasnett, a surround of rustic barn-wood cabinets, topped with teak countertops, makes for a kitchen with lots of warmth and texture. The custom-built island and hanging plate rack (also by Gary) reinforce the

Блок "Изба", Часть 1, Стандарт - Лоскутное Шитьё - Страна Мам


Блок "Изба", Часть 1, Стандарт - Лоскутное Шитьё - Страна Мам

This cabin looks like it is literally immerging from the ground.... very cool.

From the book Handmade Houses. To build a house by hand and live in nature is to be free

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Winterwoods Luxury Log and Timber Frame Homes. Another one that reminds me of the double decks at Mohonk Mountain House