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Skin as white as snow. Hair as black as coal. Lips as red as blood. And a heart that stopped beating a long time ago, when the man with the Queen's dagger hunted a young woman down and cut out her heart. And so was created Snow White, a princess of the night. First of her kind.

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Original anne stokes gothic prayer book box

Every day I pray that things will get better until one day I realized I can pray all day but I have to set things up, put things in place so to speak, in order to see the creator tremble the waters. Her need is deep and you can feel it. I love artwork.

The Gothic Revival (also referred to as Victorian Gothic or Neo-Gothic) is an architectural movement that began in the late 1740s in England. Its popularity grew rapidly in the early 19th century, when increasingly serious and learned admirers of neo-Gothic styles sought to revive medieval Gothic architecture, in contrast to the neoclassical styles prevalent at the time

♣Here feeling so down ♣Knowing you won't be around ♣In the rain all alone ♣Facing the world on my own ♣I pushed you away ♣But I wanted you to stay ♣Now I'm here all by myself ♣Because now you're with someone else. =♣=by Hine Te Kani.

Illustrations By Borja Fresco Nekro

Gothic fantasy art. This has some beautiful intrinsic quality's that are alluring to my dark aesthetic i love

The Algea are Greek Goddesses of Suffering. They are daughters of Eris, the Goddess of Strife. The Algea are referred to as being ”full of weeping,” and they governed suffering of both body and mind. They are named Akhos (“distress”), Ania (“grief”), and Lupe (“pain”). This is Akhos, the Goddess of Distress. #myth

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