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2 new condom companies founded by women, market to women

Two companies run by women are producing condoms, marketed toward women as being greener and healthier.

Concussions Are Biggest Health Risk to Cheerleaders

Concussion tops the list of injuries sustained by cheerleaders as it becomes more daring and competitive, says new study.

Amid a new outbreak of measles, health officials are again urging parents to immunize their children and reassuring them that there is no link between vaccines and disorders like autism. But the war over vaccines rages on, pitting the scientific establishment against a populist coalition of parents, celebrities, and activists.

#Condoms for Men

All what you need to know about VIRUSES and INFECTIONS: Federal officials repay states for Zika funds borr...


To Prison for Pregnancy (Tennessee Version) • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Induced Earthquakes Raise Chances of Damaging Shaking in 2016 #Geology #GeologyPage

Does Your Mouth Feel Like It's on Fire?

Many conditions can cause burning mouth syndrome. The Mayo Clinic addresses how to treat it and get rid of the pain

Research on dogs could lead to better understanding of human cancer