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BIGBANG - GD & SeungRi & TaeYang

Strawberry Lemonade Vodka | Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community!

I Know That Feel, Lay --> chanyeol was sitting on the other side and he was gonna cry too....only cuz seungri was next to him. Fanboy foreva! !

Yahp—and then my teachers get all mad at me for coming on campus w/ my phone still on

"One Cries Because One Is Sad" ~ Sheldon Cooper ~ Big Bang Theory ~ Quote Poster by Carol (popartpress)

seungri top daesung taeyang gd - Big Bang I don't have an ultimate bias because I can't choose between them all

Calling all V.I.P's go vote for Bigbang for the MAMA awards. This is one of the last things we can do for them before some of the members leave to serve their country.

TOP you arrogant shit lmfao <3

I've only seen 1 episode of this show, but it was still really funny.

Big Bang Taeyang-Daesung Appear Together On Japan NHK 'Music Japan'