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somepretty-things: “oscarstardis: “ deanwinchestersonyourass: “ viathevoid: “ Amy and Rory live on the road that Pete Tyler died on o.O ” no NO ” BRITAIN - 10 actors - 5 props - 1 road ” what a.

This is the most accurate thing ever

Doctor who. So true! the Tiger, Tigger, and the Uncoordinated Cat!

Aaaaaaand Matt's a Puff. Yay! :-)

:) They could put Slytherin at the bottom and have a pic of the Master. Even though I think any doctor would be good in any house. He's cunning(Slytherin), smart(Ravenclaw), kind(Hufflepuff), and brave(Gryffindor)

Supernatural +  Doctor Who + Sherlock + Harry Potter? Yes, please.

The Houses.

Different types of houses… except Matt Smith isn't so much a Ravenclaw as a Hufflepuff. But Benedict as a Ravenclaw.

It took me a minute to realize that Cas is not the oncoming storm.... well done whoever did this

I am the Oncoming Storm (SPN/DW crossover) >> give me one reason why we aren't funding this

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This is actually a perfect chart. I also want to add that they all would like this, except for Martha. She would hate this!

Doctor Who Today on

What about TMI too because we're a bunch of shadowhunters (or downworlders if you want) that'll kill you with seraph blades, The Hunger Games and Maze Runner fandoms that are ALL ABOUT FIGHTING (usually ending in death)...so, fear for your life, and then there's Divergent and TFIOS fans who've pretty much died with characters and will be merciless with people who insult the fandom

NEVER annoy a Potterhead or Half-Blood. All of Camp Half-Blood will rain down upon you, and their entire house will attack you and maybe some others! DONT DO IT