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King t'challa of Wakanda, black panther, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, the falcon, marvel, mcu, avengers

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Bucky Barnes fighting Spider-Man | Captain America: Civil War | Part 1 of 2

Although Logan and Remy can both speak fluent and perfect (almost perfect, in Logan’s case) French, they cannot have a conversation in the language without laughing horribly at what the other one is saying. They learned quickly that Canadian French and New Orleans French are not compatible.

Samchalla t'cham King t'challa of Wakanda Sam Wilson black panther the falcon avengers mcu marvel

OMG my heart is melting at Lego Steve protecting Lego Bucky! ಥ_ಥ

Samchalla t'cham t'chalon Sam Wilson the falcon King t'challa of Wakanda marvel mcu avengers black panther