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Explore Equipment Investments, Ensure Roi and more!

Proper cleaning of vacuums can save you big in ways you may have never considered. Following a routine maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure ROI on your equipment investments.

The Best Ways to Clean Tile Floors

Tile floors may be dirt-resistant and seem impervious to deterioration, but they do require deep cleaning by scrubbing, over and above the regular sweeping and vacuuming, to keep them pristine and stain-free.

31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home

Toilet cleaning is a regular part of cleaning, but how often do you clean the inside of the rim and the siphon jets? If you’re like most homeowner, not often. I’ll spare you all the details but you basically flush vinegar from your tank into the rim.

How to Repair Household Appliances

Electric dryer not working? Why not do some investigating yourself and save on expensive repairs—it could be an easy fix!

Tip:Stain Removing Tricks That Really Work

Save $$$ on Dry cleaning ! #20 Foolproof Stain Removal Tricks thar WILL get that Stain Out !