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My edit of Mackenzie Ziegler! I love that quote! I will stop loving Dancemoms when Abby can do all of the jumps in Kenzie's routine!

12 Hard Truths About Life As Told By Abby Lee Miller

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Timeline of a Tailgate Day as told by GIFS

Ok this is me when all of my friends are having a bad day and I'm the only one in a good mood so i slam my hand on the table and scream "YOUR GONNA HAVE FUN!!" And they're all like "What the......"

#DanceMoms Star Abby Lee Miller Faces Faces Fraud read it at

Abby Lee Miller: No Longer Bankrupt!

Don't tells Abby's not mean in person until you've danced with her since you were 3. Even the girls said in interview she's meaner in real life. and had her put you down as much as those girls.

When a perverted patient hits on you. External reaction, internal reaction. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Registered Nurses. RN. Britney Spears Face Meme. Fabulous RN.