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Soapy cupcakes on display

Soapy cupcakes on display

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Breast milk Soap Recipe cup water cup lye (NaOH) 1 cups vegetable oil cup cocoa butter 1 cup breastmilk Don’t use metal utensils or bowls, since it may react with lye.

Gardener's Soap Recipe - aka "mechanic's soap". Grease & grime cutting

Here is a great gardener's soap recipe that is formulated specifically to remove heavy grease and grime from the hands. This is a highly cleansing bar.

The best advice on the web for soap makers. Don't miss this amazing learning experience!!!

Recommended Soapmaking Gear

The best soap recipe ever is the holy grail of soapmaking, and if you are on the hunt for it, I've got the secret to formulating the perfect soap…

Simple Tips for Craft Shows

Tips for Craft Shows – The Crafts Report

Rustic Easel Jewelry Display

Display prized possessions with this rustic and chic jewelry display. A simple easel back means it can be set just about anywhere and the distressed wood creates a dramatic backdrop for pearls and so much more.

5 DIY Homemade Crockpot Soap Recipes

Sea Mud Soap Recipe

I call this recipe "beach therapy in a bar." If you've never tried making soap this is one of the easiest recipes to start with. Full photo tutorial in the post. via mommypotamus