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This is a follow to my post a few weeks ago regarding the 16 Things We Need to STOP Doing ...

Things those with Chronic Illness Need to Do. Whether it's Fibromyalgia, Lupus, CFS, or Cancer there are things we need to do.

This list is too linear. I am a single parent to a 6 year old. That means it's a juggling act between work, kid, and household. There are days I call my mom to feed the kid. There are weeks where the house is perfect, and weeks where we are lucky to have clean clothes.  There has been a day where I let him stay home from school because I didn't have the energy to walk him to the bus.

spontaneousinput: “ vaspider: “ chronic-illness-cat: “ This is from the American Chronic Pain Association Quality of Life Scale. The pdf is here:.

Fatigue is not the same thing as being tired!

To help others to understand the fatigue of Fibromyalgia (and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and well as some other chronic illnesses) Fatigue vs Tired

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Chronic illness/Why People Act like they do when Chronic Pain & Illness Rule their Lives!

I am what a person with an invisible illness looks like.

Invisible illness looks like. Buy a t-shirt to support Help Raise Money For A CURE! Please share!

Have you tried- yep. And yep. That too, twice. #chronicillnesshumor  Chronic Illness Memes

Have you tried- yep. And yep. That too, twice. #chronicillnesshumor Chronic Illness Memes