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EXO won three awards in total for 2015 MAMA Awards
HAHAHAHAHAHA looking at Jungkook compared to the rest of them makes me laugh like crazy
OMG! I had the same thoughts. While watching the  MAMA awards I was literally yelling at my screen "HOLD HER HAND! HOLD HER HAND! LET HER WALK FIRST! BE A GENTLEMAN!"
I am soo proud of them and i am mostly proud of the man who lead the team, my husband to be, Kim Namjoon.
I got an award once at school and the entire school got quiet and looked at me and I was just like WHAT?!?! It was great
When the ones that hide their emotions cry, you know this is big for them #HwaitingBTS
This is really hapenned when BTS won the daesang award
just smile and clap jimin-hyung
I LOVE Jin and his dad jokes! Very punny!! ❤️
I second this!! #BTS #got7 this is the first time I've actually heard him referred to as jackson of got7 and not jackson