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Saul Steinberg in Nose Mask 1966, Irving Penn. - Saul Steinberg, en la nariz de la máscara de 1966, Irving Penn.

Cross River Ibo. Ohaffia tribe. 'Okanku' masquerade. Mask called 'Otili'. photo taken by Dr.G.I.Jones 1931 Masks

Disguise as Barbie. // Barbara Kruger ideology of women being objectified.

Venitian Carnival mask. I associate all masks with Trickster. I love the mystery and I love androgynous quality of them. This one is exquisite!

from Etsy

Mistress Geard Up - Steampunk Venetian Mask

I feel this mask appears quite plain, but the wheels and key are very effective and are effectively viewed.


Fantasy Creature Disguises : Animal Masks

Fantasy Creature Disguises - The Merimask Animal Masks Unleash the Inner Beast in All of Us (GALLERY)

Africa | Kasai Pende helmet mask from DR Congo | Wood, pigment and kaolin

from Minieco

Paper Owl Mask

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Africa | Elephant Mask from the Bamiléké people of Cameroon | Postcard; publisher Hoa-Qui n° 3720 BT3.