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With Gracie pushing me to let her be vegetarian it can't hurt to know what she needs and how to get it for her with out a bunch of diet supplement shakes and BS

6 Nutrients every Vegetarian Needs. Many vegetarians do not eat the proper foods in order to get the nutrients they need. Instead they eat junk food and the occasional veggie. Here are some better food options for vegetarians.

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Vegan Calcium poster (English), cute characters show you plant based food chart

The idea of eating what is in season really appeals to me.  Even more, eating only what you can grow..sometimes, it's potatoes for a few weeks!

If eating food is important to you, you want to be friendly to the environment or maybe you're looking to save some money, our handy infographic guide breaks down the produce that's in season so you can eat healthy all year round!

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“But how do you get enough protein?” Sick of hearing that question. Contrary to popular myth and misconception, you can easily get all the complete protein you need on a vegetarian or vegan diet. This infographic will show you exactly how.

Green tea is not the only tea with promising (and according to many sources, PROVEN) health benefits. This infographic illustrates and describes 14 other healing herbal teas.

heyfranhey: “ The Health Benefits Of Tea + 15 Teas For Any Ailment Hello Natural writes: Have you noticed the rise in popularity of tea drinking where you live? Tea shops are popping up. Tea is so very healthy for you.

Calcium in Plant Foods

Did you know we absorb more calcium from plant sources than from animal sources? Lightly steam your leafy greens for the highest bioavailability. Pregnant women should aim to get calcium per day. Here are some tasty Calcium Rich Plant Foods!

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Clean protein powder or 6 Ways to Add Clean Protein to Your Smoothie Without a Powder "Protein powders are helpful ways to add protein to your diet, but they’re not necessary to obtain enough of this important nutrient. Learn how to make a smoothie withou

Vegan protein infographic for energy. List of plant based foods for health. Download the Vegan Protein Energy Kit as a hi-res pdf to your phone!

Food infographic Vegan protein infographic for energy. List of plant based foods for health. Infographic Description Vegan protein infographic for