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    Look at the newest addition to The Vinyl Factory Gallery Chelsea. Our very own Juke Box - ROCK-OLA Tempo Model 1468. Made in 1959 the Tempo is considered to be just about the ultimate in 1950's Rock-Ola Jukeboxes and plays 120 selections 45" vinyl. It still has the desirable "original improved Rock-Ola revolving record magazine" for the title cards. Now we have to send off some records to the factory to be dinked to be able to play them tonight at the gallery!

    {Mikey Way}{Kidnapped} "Hi," I start off shyly. "I-Im Mikey. Um.." I messnwith my fingers. "There really isnt much to know about me.. Well, I play bass. I love coffee and comic books and Im gery shy and awkward."

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    Apple iPhone Charge Kit Skin - Softball

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    Prince Edward praises efforts of school kids and Manchester City players as he helicopters in for special visit

    He is the second member of the royal family to visit the CFA after his sister Princess Anne last year

    The underground cavern idea appeals to me as I believe it would be interesting to have a stalagmite drop down every now and then whilst the players is fighting. This will be used to influence our FMP Backdrop Design.

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