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Places where you can’t advertise to children - WTF fun facts

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The Aztecs invented popcorn. - Cool and Interesting Facts for Kids

The Aztecs popped corn and used the burst flowers as ornaments for their headdresses and offerings to Tlaloc, the god of maize and fertility.

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They deserve better pay from us in the ways of preservation their species!

Spiders smell with their legs. - Cool and Interesting Facts for Kids

We all know spiders have eight legs but did you know these legs are more than just for walking? Each of a spider’s legs is covered in hundreds of tiny hairs which gather the particles …

Daphnia magna (freshwater water flea) (100X), Differential Interference Contrast

Nikon Small World 2011 competition winners: photographs through the microscope

Hello, Flea Credit: Joan Röhl Institute for Biochemistry and Biology Potsdam, Germany Dont be bashful, little flea youve won place in the 2011 Nikon Small World contest. This is a freshwater water flea, Daphnia magna.

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25 Animals That Sleep Wherever They Please


Fun Facts Of The Week – 32 Pics His cousin is in my garden and won't go away!

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The one at the bottom is the law for any creature that falls asleep on your lap (including humans)

Better watch out. Someone is watching to see if you are naughty or nice. - Loving @Jill Krause 's Inappropriate Elf Contest, ends Dec 20. No kids allowed, just inappropriate adults.

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