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Africa | Dowayo/Namji doll from Cameroon | Wood body, wrapped in cloth and leather then covered in beads, cowrie shells, coins, bells and other metal objects | 21,150€ ~ Sold

Africa | Mask from the Dan people of the Ivory Coast | Wood, brass bells and glass beads

African Brass Bell with Nepalese Prayer Shell Beads and Sherpa Coral Tribal Necklace

by Luda Hunter | Various Tibetan/ Nepalese shell beads including large old carved melon shell beads, Nepalese conch shell beads and lots of prayer beads inscribed with 'Om Mani Padme Hum'. Focal point in this longer tribal necklace is an old African Kirdi bronze bell dance pendant. Other beads include contemporary Nepalese sherpa coral beads, Ethiopian metal beads, old African flower brass beads, Nigerian brass beads and two bone beads

Fustanella [fustaˈnɛɫa]: traditional skirt-like garment worn by men. It is very similar with Skotish kilt. The fustanella has a lot of hems and it usually is white.

Handmade Sterling Silver Temple Bell Chandelier Style Earrings (Thailand) by Novica

@Overstock - These handmade earrings will dress up any wardrobe perfectly. The sterling silver earrings come with a temple bell design with marvelous detail on the bells. The creator focuses a lot on handmade jewelry and puts a lot of effort in all his work. $42.99

The Bell pendant light from Baxter. Why is it called Bell? Because it is made of lots of little bells! It must be very noisy when it catches the breeze....

Africa | Doll from the Namji people of northern Cameroon | Wood, glass beads, cowrie shells, animal claws, fur, leather and metal

I just adore this! Nature spirit, with wings and all. I love this cultures body art, and nice to see someone getting inspired to make a doll with it.