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Michelle Obama: "America's Moms are "Confused & Bewildered” Shopping @ the Grocery Store.."all you could do was scratch your head, confused and bewildered, and wonder...". What an ELITE SNOB! Better labels, and 'realistic serving sizes'? Skip labels; Look for things w/o any labels at all, because real food doesn’t have a UPC code. If you’re buying REAL food, you won’t have to read an ingredients list because there is only one ingredient in the item: fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, rice..

Grocery receipt found in the parking lot in Menominee, Michigan, The 1 in 7 Americans currently on food stamps certainly appreciate the opportunity to dine on lobster and porterhouse steak at YOUR EXPENSE. What's for dinner at your house tonight? “How’s that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for ya’?” Is This A Great Country or What......

The Devastating Effects Of The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer’s Foreign Policy Failures Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, believes that "[The White House's foreign policy] initiatives truly reflect Obama's view of America's international role. His is a world of rhetoric and talk, not power."

15-trillion-debt. That was our debt at $15 trillion, shown to scale in $100 bills. Obama now has the debt up to $17.7 trillion, and unfunded liabilities are over $116 trillion. The bigger the government, the bigger the debt. Both will continue to grow explosively so long as liberals of either party are in control. Either we reverse the growth of government quickly and dramatically, or America dies.

Topless woman destroys Florida McDonald's. This should go into a time capsule along with other documentation of America’s decline, so that future civilizations will be able to recognize the symptoms of incipient collapse.

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And this is what is now referred to as 'education.' She should be fired but I bet she still teaching.