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Spartan Juniper has a fast growing, dense, narrow pyramidal growth habit. Its foliage is a rich green all year around. Excellent choice for privacy screens and borders.

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Planting trees to form an Arborvitae Pyramidalis privacy fence is a very effective way of creating a thick barrier behind which your life can proceed without the worry of being.

Skyrocket Juniper

Skyrocket Juniper

Thuja green giant - Green Giant Arborvitae, fastest growing privacy tree, LOVE the textured look!

Thuja Green Giant Tree

Arborvitae Green Giant Thuja x plicata 'Green Giant' The 'Green Giant' arborvitae is a large, vigorous, fast growing evergreen. It's natural pyramidal to conical form boasts dense, rich green foliage

pyramidal arborvitae for left corner of house

"Idea for the side of the house Left side facing the house"Emerald Green Arborvitae ( Thuja ) -- My main hedges on the N and E of house. Corners I have allowed them to get way tall, cannot climb a ladder to trim anymore.


Leyland Cypress or Thuja Green Giant evergreens to create a privacy hedge- replace the ugly shrubs we have now!

15 American Arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis, Tree Seeds by Seeds and Things

Protect Your Privacy With These 5 Evergreen Trees

Coral Bark Japanese Maple Tree | The Planting Tree

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Stunning year round color makes this Coral Bark Maple a unique focal point. This Japanese Maple thrives even in full sun.

Pencil Point Juniper--height? Skyrocket is too tall (15-20'). Also consider Juniper scopularum 'Medora' (10 x 2 1/2').

Pencil Point Juniper high & wide) A new upright juniper of narrow stature. Foliage is blue-green. Canadale Nurseries Ltd.