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AMERIČKI PUBLICISTA VILIJAM ENGDAL OTKRIVA: Varufakis je bio trojanski konj zapadnih bankara i grčkih oligarha, koji je pripremao Grke na klanje- Sledeća je Italija, a onda redom do potpunog haosa!!

from VICE

La mort dans les yeux

Philip Jones Griffiths, Vietnam Inc.

A soldier weeps at the Vietnam War Memorial via Will Henry's PTSD website

Dennis Franz-Army-served 11 months with 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam (Actor)

These are words to live by. May the bitch suffer a long and painful death... One Pissed Off Marine...


from Mashable

Hitler wanted these embarrassing pictures destroyed

Newly released photographs taken in 1925 by photographer Heinrich Hoffman show Adolph Hilter rehearsing his speeches

Ante Pavelic, head of the Ustashi state of Croatia surrounded by Croatian Catholic clergy in April, 1942. Pavelic was to Yugoslavia what Hitler was to Germany.

© Tim Page 1968 US soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division, Ambush Alley, Vietnam