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AMERIČKI PUBLICISTA VILIJAM ENGDAL OTKRIVA: Varufakis je bio trojanski konj zapadnih bankara i grčkih oligarha, koji je pripremao Grke na klanje- Sledeća je Italija, a onda redom do potpunog haosa!!

Hitler pictured in 1934. He remembered his time in the army fondly and was proud of his service in the war

In addition to using Agent Orange to destroy the jungle, the US used Napalm, a gasoline based fire bomb, to burn down the whole thing. As expected, it was very effective.

Heer Nachrichten Helferin, interesting to see her pulled back in a bun instead of loose curls you traditionally see.

Назарбаев поддержал проведение в Казахстане переговоров по Сирии

25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightning Vietnam War-Please tell me that his M-16 isn't jammed again!!! due to wrong propellant mixtures again!!!!!! wg.

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