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Luke in Norway, 14.05.15

Luke in Norway,


You don't even have to listen to the video to know that Luke said that in a every diva voice


Luke in rowyso!

Do you guys think you could get me to 100 followers?! x (Doesn't really matter but I've been so close for so long)

The concert - Chapter 1

Luke telling a joke.....

Luke Hemmings telling a joke I remember a joke like this from Hannah Montana.Way to be original Luke.

I love it how they pick the Asian one for cALUM like gODAMN IT HES NOT ASIAN

as disney princesses. Although I think Calum would be offended. Though mulan's my absolute favorite princess (after belle because belle is exactly like me)

Luke Hemmings❤❤❤❤

[ Fc: Luke Hemmings ] "Hi! I'm Luke." I smile "I'm seventeen and single but I'm looking. I'm in a band with my best friends and I'm a goofball.

Five Seconds Of Summer

Okay, so these four boys are my entire world. I don't know what i'd do without them in my life. They're my main happiness source. Thank you I love you 4 idiots.