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344/365 (série II)

How many acres how much light Tucked in the woods and out of sight Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap On a little road barely on the map

One year may seem like a long time, but these are activities you will truly enjoy. We made them easy so that accomplishing a long-term goal will be a piece of cake.

The Annunaki (Ancient Aliens) And The Creation of The "Black Headed" People There are statements the Annunaki called the first Adam and Eve variety "the black headed people". It is also mentioned the life span of earth humans was changed a couple of times, the last being a life span of 120 earth years. Sponsored By: DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 or (818) 344-3742 (Spy Store)

#SHOPWISER: Day 3, Shop to Train Hearts - Give gifts this year that will help your recipients draw closer to God. || Courtney DeFeo - Lil Light O Mine

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