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this is my ideal unisex nursery! you will notice the elephant hamper also makes a cameo :)

Charming Hamper (Aqua Herringbone)

The Land of Nod | Charming Hamper (Herringbone/Aqua) in Floor Storage. ABSOLUTE NECESSITY: A laundry hamper SUPER CLOSE to your changing table. $89

My Baby Sam Pixie Baby Hamper, Aqua, Blue

Hamper Aqua,Baby Hamper,Sam Pixie,Pixie Baby,Baby Sam,Aqua Blue

My Baby Sam Chevron 3pc Crib Bedding Set - Aqua/ Gray

Charming Floor Bin (Aqua Herringbone)

Shop Charming Floor Bin (Aqua Herringbone). While these colorful baskets are in fact charming, they're also reminiscent of the classic baskets used by traditional snake charmers. But don't worry, there's nothing inside them.

My Baby Sam Pixie Baby Hamper - Aqua

Cute!!! My Baby Sam Pixie Baby Hamper - Aqua - My Baby Sam - Babies "R" Us

Charming Baskets (Herringbone)