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The Cutest Puppy Golden Retriever Beautiful

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19 Funny Pictures of Christmas animals

Golden Retriever Christmas puppy waiting for Santa to come

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English Labrador - wish I could send my days like this

Labrador Puppy cute !

i want yellow lab puppy

Stroll around the Country Park

Stroll around the Country Park

Can u just imagine him saying "I'm trying to kill a spider."  Haha

High five, dude. High five.

Baby lab- looks like trouble

Yellow Lab

Yellow Lab puppy looks bored

Soooo many cuties!

i want a puppy. no i want to rescue an old dog. i want a puppy.

Meet the family

the golden family photo

A champion dog breeder& charming (and chewproof) decorating ideas inspire pet lovers during the holidays and all year long.

I used this picture as a reference in one of my art classes. ^_^

Sheltie puppy - The universal doggie look that is capable of melting frozen hearts.

Chocolate Lab

The finest chocolate / labs / pups

so cute my baby sis loves dogs!

What an adorable face