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One Direction

No hard feelings, Harry.❤️ ^^^ I agree but Michael is legit me and I love his voice. Also Harry is bae but he ruined my life. Love ya H.

Harry you right

😂😂😂😂 I shouldn't laugh at this but its too funny! 😂😂😂😂 Poor boys I will always love you no matter what. Also no matter how stupidly cute you guys make yourselves look! Love all four of ya!

Hahahaha. SOOOO true.!!

my point exactly.and liams face is just like: i can't hear the shit ya talking, bitch!

I laughed so hard hahaha

~Hahahaha I've heard and seen this so many times yet Im laughing so hard. HARRY'S FACE THO> and nialls just cuteness reaction when he realizes he just practically told on himself AWKWARD

It legit bought tears to my eyes  R.I.P Cory ❤

This broke my heart. At that part when Lea was talking about Cory I started bawling, too. It is so heartbreaking. :'( Is there any other that noticed behind Harry.

baha i love fights between immature 12 year olds.

oh my gosh does anyone else remember Plastic Bieber? >> Zayn's face makes the whole thing more fudgin funny! I don't even like or Justin but this is funny!