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Pumpkin carving night it always much anticipated in our house.  It typically goes something like this….. we go and pick out our pumpkins and everyone is super excited!   We cut off the top and start gutting and cleaning out the pumpkins, and cleaning, and cleaning – after about 15 minutes the boys have lost …

Orange is the New Black - Totally Fun and Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I love the idea of pumpkin decorated with a minion because it shows a different way of your decorated pumpkin.

Decorating and Painting Minion Pumpkins for Halloween

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October was special for some people, it means that it is time for the cold weather, falling leaves, and of course pumpkins for halloween

Minion Pumpkins                                                       …

Minion Pumpkins: Halloween DIY

I made these Minion Pumpkins! I got place at my family's Halloween party with these two cuties. I was inspired to make these minion pumpkins from a.

Tökfaragás  | 20 fantasztikus inspiráció tökdíszítésre

I'm not into carving pumpkins or Halloween, but this is cute! I like Minions. 40 Detailed Pumpkin Carvings That Make Normal Ones Seem Boring