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Have you heard about the traditional method of counting sheep to overcome insomnia? Well now you'll know why it doesn't help and from where this story originate... #wisewords #sunday #funfact

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The genius destroyed by Oliver: The success of Lionel Bart's masterpiece sent him into a spiral of drug-fuelled hedonism

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I find these pictures in one list I subscribe to. I don't know where they originate from though. Great writing prompt!

freddie-photography: A Frozen Haze, Road Through Glen Coe - The Scottish Highlands. Created with a Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG Photographed by Frederick Ardley -

She remained still, in her corner, but she knew that they were right. What was she, but a monster? She was chained, she had killed, and her mind was not human.