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This girl creates the coolest HG minimalist posters.

Art of Risa Rodil

Art of Risa Rodil ‘hunger games’

My Catching Fire fan art!

My friend painted this AWESOME Hunger Games fan art and it is so cool!


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This is no place for a girl on fire.

This is no place for a girl on fire.

Catching fire t-shirt #catchingfire #hungergames #tshirt #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor

Catching fire t-shirt

Hunger games

Hunger Games Poster by ~Ratgirlstudios "I don't mean to be drawing Hunger Games art obsessively, but now that I'm finally happy with how I'm drawing Katniss I just can't help myself.

Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Katniss

The Hunger Games Explorer

Hunger Games

The cast of the hunger games are hilarious - Josh Hutcherson pictured himself as Katniss when he read the Hunger Games


fire is catching

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Catching Fire Poster Packs up for Auction

Johanna Mason - I thought she was sooo funny!

Favorite The Hunger Games Quotes.

"Hunger Games" Trilogy Word Art Prints - Catching Fire

"Hunger Games" Trilogy Word Art Prints - Catching Fire - Mockingjay

Decorate your classroom or office with the words of author Suzanne Collins from her novels "The Hunger Games" and "Catching Fire.

"Thank you for your consideration."

Thank you for your consideration. My new phrase when people tick me off.

Map of Panem - I'd live in the Capitol...

Hunger Games – Lesson plans, worksheets, and handouts

Hunger games: map What district would you guys be from? I from what the maps says I'm from district 11